You should identify a case study of entrepreneurial leadership. This

 You should identify a case study of entrepreneurial leadership. This may be an individual leader (eg James Dyson) or an organisation (eg Google) exhibiting entrepreneurial leadership behaviours. You should critically analyse the case using reading you have sourced. 

side note:     

Your answers should specifically be written in an academic essay format and not in the format of a business report. Essays specifically should not include headings, section headings, etc. Your essay should concentrate particularly ensure that there is considerable flow and cohesion between the paragraphs. It is advised that you make good use of the writing support materials on the Blackboard site. Specifically all students will benefit from reading through the following guidance on essay writing:

NOTE: Appendices should be clearly marked in the assignment’s contents page if included. 

Students may include more than just their own reflective posts and are encouraged to utilise any engagements and interactions with fellow students posts on discussion forums to support their work. 


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