Why is spanking illegal in many other countries?

Corporal punishment has been an accepted A Apart of child rearing for untold generations. And in a recent study done by Parents magazine, nearly three-quarters of respondents still believe that spanking is an appropriate punishment for misbehavior. But though it’s taken a long time for the idea of discipline without spanking to reach the mainstream. Professionals concerned with children’s health and development are saying increasingly, “Don’t spank.” For this assignment you will conduct research on the impact of spanking on children. Your paper should include, at a minimum, the following: An overview of the key issues presented in the articles. You can also share your own opinion of the information at any point in your paper.Information from the identified web-resources below in your paper that supports the key issue.Sources cited inside the paper (in-text citation) and must have a reference list. College level writing in an essay format is required. All in APA format. Create an essay that discusses the following: Why is spanking illegal in many other countries? What are the physical, emotional, and cognitive results of spanking? What alternatives are better than spanking and why are they better?

Find three local (Riverside County) resources for parents of young children who want to stop spanking and include this information in the summary. (Include name of organization, address and services provided to parents) The following links and readings must be included in your essay: https://blogs.psychcentral.com/relationships/2013/01/a-pandemic-of-affect-regulation-the-case-against-spanking-and-for-emotional-present-parenting/ https://www.npr.org/sections/codeswitch/2014/09/19/349668828/a-decision-about-your-children-thats-also-about-your-parents https://sbccd.instructure.com/courses/13011/files/814997/download?verifier=txiblImTK1NQCgMQ5rXhEWnWDH9gygckRpjfesL9&wrap=1

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