When you drive on the roads that are shared with

When you drive on the roads that are shared with trucks, put yourself in the shoes of truck drivers. What do you think is the biggest headache that truck drivers face? Why?


I absolutely think that passenger vehicles are the number one cause of frustration in truck drivers. I say this not simply because of the obvious size and difficulty of driving a large truck, rather mainly because other passenger cars are MY main source of aggravation anf frustration on the road. I’ve noticed lately while driving, the number of cars and pickups that swerve in and out of lanes, tailgate, speed, has gone up exponentially. As a matter of fact, the last 3 times I’ve driven I’ve almost gotten into an accident because someone was on their phone and swerving, not paying attention to upcoming lane closures, or just speeding to get ahead of traffic and causing others to make defensive moves in their own lanes. I cannot even imagine trying to deal with this in a large truck carrying a lot of weight. Plus, here in Texas if one drop of rain falls on the road, people seem to lose all ability to operate vehicles at all. Definitely, I think passenger vehicles are a nightmare for most truck drivers.

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