We will examine the science of happiness in this discussion.

 We will examine the science of happiness in this discussion. It will serve as an example for how we should examine other such constructs throughout the course. You will do a bit of survey research in this activity. Begin by listing, in rank order, three to five factors that you think are important in your own happiness.

Next ask 10 family members of friends the same question. Keep track of their age and gender as well as their responses. Do not include their names.

Summarize the lists. Do not just post the data you collected. Summarize what you found. What emerges as the three most important factors? Do these differ by age or gender? 

Finally, we will look at how many commonsense notions about happiness appear to be inaccurate when examined from an empirical standpoint. Find an article on an academic website (one with an edu suffix) about the science of happiness. How do your findings relate to this “expert” information? How do you know the information is “expert”? 

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