We may be inspired by a GoFundMe campaign or an


We may be inspired by a GoFundMe campaign or an innovative entrepreneurial effort and may feel called to action by a social justice or social change issue. User-generated content can motivate people to raise their voices, take a stand, and be heard.

In this Assignment, you will write a script for a video or a podcast, explaining how user-generated content can be used to motivate others to consider a social change issue.

To prepare for this Application: 

  • Look at the resources for both podcasts and YouTube. Decide which one you would like to make. You will not do both. 
  • Review the materials on how to make your own podcast or YouTube video.
  • Watch “The Making of Two Blogs” in this week’s Learning Resources.
  • Read “4 Small Ways to Make a Big Social Change Impact” in this week’s Learning Resources.
  • Think about how you could use this type of media for not only yourself but also for a social change cause.

By Day 7

  • Write the script for your podcast or YouTube video. You will want to include:
    • An Introduction of yourself.
    • A description of your social change issue.
    • An explanation of how you could use user-generated content to promote this issue. Note: Be sure to explain why you think the medium you chose is a good fit for your social change issue.
  • Create your podcast or YouTube video. Make sure that you make it public so we all can view it.
  • Submit your Script with your YouTube or podcast URL link written at the bottom of the page in a Word document into the Assignment area.
  • Questions about this Assignment? Post them in the Contact the Instructor area. That way, everyone in the class will see, and benefit from, the Instructor’s response.
  • Refer to the Week 2 Assignment Rubric for specific grading elements and criteria. Your Instructor will use this grading rubric to assess your work. 

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