Walden University Week 6 Online Databases Paper

Using the Walden Library

Where can you find evidence to inform your thoughts and scholarly
writing? Throughout your degree program, you will use research
literature to explore ideas, guide your thinking, and gain new insights.
As you search the research literature, it is important to use resources
that are peer-reviewed and from scholarly journals. You may already
have some favorite online resources and databases that you use or have
found useful in the past. For this Discussion, you explore databases
available through the Walden Library.

To Prepare:

  • Review the information presented in the Learning Resources for
    using the Walden Library, searching the databases, and evaluating online
  • Begin searching for a peer-reviewed article that pertains to your practice area and interests you.

By Day 3 of Week 6

Post the following:

Using proper APA formatting, cite the peer-reviewed article you
selected that pertains to your practice area and is of particular
interest to you and identify the database that you used to search for
the article. Explain any difficulties you experienced while searching
for this article. Would this database be useful to your colleagues?
Explain why or why not. Would you recommend this database? Explain why
or why not.

By Day 6 of Week 6

Respond to at least two of your
colleagues’ posts by offering suggestions/strategies for working with
this database from your own experience, or offering ideas for using
alternative resources.

Expert Solution Preview


The use of peer-reviewed articles and scholarly journals is essential for medical students to explore ideas, gain insights, and inform their scholarly writing. As a medical professor, I design and conduct lectures, evaluate student performance, and provide feedback through examinations and assignments. In this context, I am providing an answer to a prompt that requires medical students to use the Walden Library to find a peer-reviewed article that pertains to their practice area and interests them.


Using the Walden Library is an effective way for medical students to find peer-reviewed articles related to their practice area. For this assignment, I searched for a peer-reviewed article that pertains to my practice area and interests me using the Walden Library. I was successful in finding an article titled “The Role of Nurses in Managing Chronic Pain in Older Adults,” published in the Journal of Gerontological Nursing. I found the database to be user-friendly, and using keywords relevant to the topic made it easy to locate the article.

However, I experienced some difficulties while searching for this article, as the search results were too broad and included many articles that were not relevant to my search. It took some extra effort to narrow down the search to find an article that matched my criteria.

I believe that this database would be useful to my colleagues as it provides access to a vast number of scholarly articles that are peer-reviewed. The database is associated with different fields of study, and medical professionals can easily access articles that pertain to their respective fields.

I would recommend this database to my colleagues, as it provides access to peer-reviewed articles from numerous databases, making it easier for medical students to access articles pertaining to their practice areas. The Walden Library is a valuable resource for medical students as it provides access to a multitude of credible sources essential for pursuing research-based medical education.

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