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Interprofessional Practice and Collaboration:

The future of health care delivery will require multidisciplinary teams of health care professionals that collaborate to provide patient-centered care. The key to high performance in multidisciplinary teams is an understanding of the distinctive roles, skills, and values and ethics of all team members. What will be your role as an NP and how do you see yourself collaborating with other health care professionals? Why is this important to know and understand? Who benefits? Who are the stakeholders. Support your work with examples and evidence-based research.

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Interprofessional practice and collaboration is an integral aspect of the healthcare delivery system. The effective utilization of multidisciplinary teams leads to the provision of patient-centered care. In this answer, we will discuss the role of nurse practitioners (NPs) in the multidisciplinary team and how they collaborate with other healthcare professionals. We will also highlight the importance of understanding the distinctive roles, skills, and values of all team members, the beneficiaries of such collaborations, the stakeholders, and their benefits.


As NPs, our role in the multidisciplinary team is to provide comprehensive, accessible, and coordinated patient care. We are responsible for conducting a detailed patient history, physical examination, diagnosis and treatment plan, ordering and interpreting laboratory tests, and prescribing medications. Our collaboration with other healthcare professionals is crucial to achieve positive patient outcomes.

Collaboration with physicians, pharmacists, social workers, physical therapists, and occupational therapists enables us to address the diverse needs of our patients. Through collaboration, we can combine our knowledge, skills, and judgment to design a patient-centered care plan, taking into consideration the patients’ preferences, values, and beliefs. For instance, an NP may need to collaborate with a physical therapist to create a plan for a patient who has undergone a surgical procedure. In such cases, the physical therapist can perform an examination, provide input on the patient’s physical limitations, and design an appropriate exercise program.

Collaboration with healthcare professionals is critical as it leads to better patient outcomes, improved patient satisfaction, and reduces healthcare costs. Patients benefit from a coordinated approach to care, which reduces the likelihood of errors and improves their overall experience. The stakeholders in these collaborative efforts include the patients, their families, healthcare professionals, healthcare organizations, and insurers. Patients and their families benefit from improved care coordination and patient-centered care. Healthcare professionals benefit from the unique perspective of other team members, which enhances their clinical reasoning skills and improves job satisfaction. Healthcare organizations benefit from improved patient outcomes and reduced healthcare costs, while insurers benefit from a reduction in readmissions.

In conclusion, NPs play an important role in multidisciplinary teams, which collaborate to provide patient-centered care. Our collaboration with other healthcare professionals is essential to achieve positive patient outcomes and provide comprehensive, accessible, and coordinated care. The beneficiaries of these collaborative efforts are the patients, their families, healthcare professionals, healthcare organizations, and insurers. The stakeholders in these collaborations reap benefits such as improved patient outcomes, cost savings, and improved job satisfaction.

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