Two Nursing Theories and Models Contrast Summary

For this , in four to five paragraphs, contrast two nursing models and theories found in your reading. Discuss how they are similar or different in the way the define/discuss health and wellness, illness, the client, the environment, and nursing. Summarize by selecting the one model or theory that aligns best with your beliefs and then describe how this would affect the way in which you would practice nursing.…

Developing a framework of practice early in your career is essential and very helpful. A practice framework is developed when you select a reference point for how you believe care should be delivered. This is considered theory based practice. It usually emerges from the values you now have and those that will develop as you deliver nursing care first hand. Fortunately we have many nurses who have developed frames of reference from their values and beliefs about health, wellness, caring, science and many other concepts. These are available to us to review and see if they align with what we believe. Some are considered philosophies, some are models, and others are considered theories. In your textbook reading you were able to review these. For example, we know that Dorothea Orem defined health as the ability to live to the fullest through self-care. Jean Watson’s more contemporary philosophy focuses on transpersonal caring and her “10 caritas” provide us with a perspective on how the “art of nursing” can be practiced. Callista Roy offers even another view of alteration in health by discussing adaptation and coping within an environment. Several others are detailed in your reading.

All of these are important to know and learn as you will use these to begin to develop your own approach and philosophy (an assignment in this module). It is also helpful to become familiar with these as you will see others work from a theory base and by understanding the different possibilities you will find it helpful when working with them. Many healthcare settings are also selecting nursing models and theories as their basis for practice.

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In nursing, theory-based practice is important for developing a framework of care delivery. Understanding various nursing models and theories is essential to create a personal philosophy and approach to nursing. This essay seeks to contrast two nursing models and theories, detailing their similarities and differences in the way they define health and wellness, illness, the client, the environment, and nursing. Finally, the preferred model is selected and the impact on nursing practice discussed.

The first nursing model to review is Dorothea Orem’s Self-Care Deficit Theory. Orem defines health as the ability to live to the fullest through self-care. This model focuses on the client’s ability to perform self-care, and when they cannot, nurses provide assistance. Orem’s theory emphasizes that clients have an innate drive towards self-care, and nurses need to use their expertise to improve clients’ self-care abilities. The model emphasizes the importance of developing care plans that match clients’ abilities.

The second nursing model is the Neuman Systems Model. This model, developed by Betty Neuman, describes the client and their environment as a series of concentric circles. The theory’s concept is based on stress and how the client responds to stress. Neuman defines wellness as the ability to interact with the environment successfully, with minimal stress. The model emphasizes the need to assess multiple factors, including social, psychological, and physical factors, to develop a comprehensive care plan. The model aims to prevent stressors from damaging the client’s health, and nurses use their expertise to help clients adapt to stressors.

Both models have similarities and differences. They both view health and wellness as achievable states, but Orem’s model stresses self-care as the way to achieve it, while Neuman’s model emphasizes stress reduction. Both models view the environment as impacting the client’s health, but Orem’s model focuses on the client’s immediate environment, while Neuman’s model views the environment as a set of concentric circles. Lastly, the models differ in their approach to nursing, with Orem’s model emphasizing the nursing interventions, while Neuman’s model focuses on a broader systemic intervention approach.

Of the two models and theories, the Neuman Systems Model aligns best with the author’s beliefs about nursing practice. The model focuses on a holistic approach and encourages nurses to consider multiple factors when developing a care plan. This aligns with how the author thinks patient care should be delivered. Approaching care with a model that emphasizes stress reduction shows an obligation to prevent harm. Therefore, the author’s nursing practice would be influenced by this model’s emphasis on comprehensive care and stress reduction.

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