this is due in 7 hours no late work and

this is due in 7 hours no late work and no extended time.  

Use the attachment 

Answer the chapter review questions below from chapter 8 and chapter 9 

 Chapters 8 & 9 

Chapter 8:  The Politics of Teaching Literate Discourse:
In Chapter 8, Delpit presents her concerns that developed as a result of collaboration with well-intentioned liberal white English and language arts teachers who struggle with how to teach literacy to low-income black students. The author suggests that many of these teachers are reluctant to teach Standard English to minority students because they fear that doing so devalues the students’ primary
language and portrays a racist attitude.

1.What are the key points Delpit describes to counteract this

Chapter 9:  Education in a Multicultural Society: Our Future’s Greatest Challenge:
In Chapter 9, Delpit discusses the challenges that educators must face concerning the accommodation of multicultural students of ethnic and racial diversity. The author explores the topics of the cultural clash between students and school, stereotyping, child deficit assumptions that lead to teaching less instead of more, ignorance of community norms, invisibility, and addressing the problems of educating poor and culturally diverse children.

2. What are Delpit’s recommendations makes to ensure that our nation successfully meets the challenges of a multicultural society? 

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