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[Learning Objectives Assessed: 3a, 4b]

Zuckerman (2012) suggests HCOs engage in an annual strategic planning process. The annual planning process is generally less extensive than was employed in the initial development of the strategic plan.

Since process options can be categorized into three general alternatives (least process, moderate process, and most process), please describe which process option will be used at the annual retreat and why.

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Introduction: In the medical field, healthcare organizations (HCOs) engage in strategic planning to attain long-term success. Each year, an annual planning process is conducted to evaluate progress and make necessary adjustments. The process options to be employed at the annual retreat can be categorized into three general alternatives, including the least process, moderate process, and most process.

Answer: The moderate process option is the best approach to be used at the annual retreat. This option involves a more formal and structured retreat, resulting in evaluations based on metrics and goals, with action items and performance indicators identified for implementation. While a moderate process can consume more resources in terms of time and cost, it provides a more in-depth analysis of the goals and strategies of an HCO. Additionally, the moderate approach offers a high-level review of the strategic plan at the retreat, taking into consideration the changes in the medical field, thus resulting in attainable and realistic goals for the upcoming year. Ultimately, the use of a moderate process provides a balance between a comprehensive review of the strategic plan and the resources used in the analysis.

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