Strategic Management

730N1 Strategic Management 2019 Coursework Assignment –

Individual Essay Essay Topic: Choose a company that is listed on the London FTSE or New York stock exchange, and that has implemented a strategic initiative successfully or unsuccessfully. Critically evaluate the strategic initiative and its outcome using strategic management concepts and tools drawn from the first six weeks of the module, in order to explain its success or failure. Guidance: Your essay should reflect your ability to define, identify and critically evaluate a strategic initiative, one that has been implemented successfully or unsuccessfully in the past 10 years. You should support your argument using at least one of the strategic concepts (and the associated tools and techniques) that were covered during the early weeks of the module during which we studied the internal and external environment, resources and capabilities, strategic purpose, organisational culture, and corporate and business level strategy. You should demonstrate your research skills by obtaining, critically evaluating and using data and information from a range of quality sources. Critically evaluate means ‘make reasoned judgements based upon sound evidence and argument’. In-text citations and a references list, in Harvard Referencing Style, are required. In your conclusion you should summarise your argument by integrating your research and analysis to explain in terms of strategic management theory the outcome (the success or failure) of the strategic initiative that you have chosen.

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