Residential construction industry in canada.

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The project will be to prepare an economic review and assessment of residential construction industry in canada. it is expected that the paper will cover the following topics: 1.definition of redidential construction industry(From NAICS) 2.econimic history review from 2016 to 2006, 6 subindicators are required 3.economic review of residential construction for 2017, 3 subindicators are required 4.importance and contribution of this industry( the percentage of this industry is of the total gdp) 5. identification and assessment of the principal economic issues that relate to this industry( at least 6 issues, explain and give good assessment 6. personal suggestion for resolving each of those issues 7. The outlook for this industry for the future.(must from major bank or industry association) 8. at least 3 tables and charts are included. PS. make sure type in and carefully address all of the topic hheadings, do not combine the headings.

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