Report on identifying entrepreneurial opportunities based on Interview

Report on identifying entrepreneurial opportunities based on Interview with an Entrepreneur 

Paper details Detailed Information: Students interview entrepreneurs about how they identify opportunities and write an individual report, linking their ideas to academic literature. Students write a report to address the following three requirements: a) After you carry out a review of the literature and based on the findings of your interview critically appraise 1. Factors that enabled the identification of opportunities as well as the process of how those were identified by the entrepreneur 2. The key characteristics of entrepreneurial opportunities b) Compare what you have found with what the literature suggests. c) Suggest some additional approaches which could be used by the entrepreneur interviewed, justifying your recommendations by reference to the entrepreneur’s context and to academic literature. Style and Format: Report including Executive Summary, numbered sections, and table of contents. All references to be cited in-text and at the end of the report in Harvard format. The report should focus on analyzing the entrepreneurial journey by linking to the relevant academic literature and concepts. Note it is not a mere description of the entrepreneurial venture but an informed critique/ analysis of the entrepreneurial venture creation to provide an understanding of how you see the linkage between academic theory and practice. MARKING CRITERIA: 1. Description of the entrepreneurial journey – 20% 2. Application of relevant academic literature – 20% 3. Depth of analysis/ critique – 40% 4. Structure and presentation of report – 10% 5. Referencing – 10% The Brand Name is Tamashee, UAE luxury brand that started back in 2014. The word Tamashee is constructed using two Arabic words: Mashee (to walk) and Yatamasha (compatible). It is a high-end Arabian Gulf footwear brand based in Dubai. It began as a set of social goals which are now the core values for all of its work. Preserving Identity: The products have been inspired by the research of cultural designs and patterns. Representing Culture: It seeks to redefine traditional elements into contemporary designs and to make them appealing to both traditional regional and modern international tastes. Colouring Lives: Creating an impact in the society, by providing a platform for emerging artists from the Arabian Gulf to spread awareness of their talent and to collaborate in projects that help in increasing awareness of and integrate individuals with special needs into the broader society. Tamashee’s classic lines are handmade in Spain, and the Na’Al line is handmade in UAE by experienced craftsmen using high quality natural/naturally-dyed leathers. Camel (UAE), Ostrich (South Africa), Cow (Italy) and Lambskin (Spain)

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