Reflection Project on using Instagram

Reflection Project on using Instagram

Paper details you will become a producer of content, using one social media channel that is new to you. The purpose of this activity is to learn what it takes to produce content, share and participate using your chosen channel. Importantly, beyond basic usage, you should try to understand what works well, what is challenging, and identify the relevant obstacles when using social media. Through this exercise, you should be able to develop something useful for your future (and/or career), such as a personal case study, a part of your personal branding, and more. Consider carefully what (i) you are interested in learning more, and (ii) what you think will be worth investing your time and energy. Remember, set an objective(s) and try to achieve that objective(s)! Instead of just listing activities, a good report will involve a critical evaluation of the activities you engaged in, the rationale(s) for conducting these activities, what you intended to accomplish, and the outcome(s) achieved. It is vital to demonstrate that you have engaged in some strategic activities (e.g. planning, analysis, etc.), and that you have learned something in the process. Ideally, the report would also explain how you would make use of that learning in the future (e.g. for your career, and/or personal branding). Things to avoid: • Haphazard activities without strategic planning or objectives.

• Listing activities without linking to objectives or explaining underlying rationales.

Platform to use: Instagram

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