References Page and Sentence Outline Reference Page: 1. Submit your

References Page and Sentence Outline

Reference Page:

1. Submit your references (minimum of 7) in a Word document.

2. Note that most websites, blogs, and sites like Wikipedia are not  considered valid scholarly peer reviewed references. We are looking for  journal articles. In your paper, be sure to cite everything you get from  another source (i.e. direct quotations, charts, pictures, or summaries  of someone else’s ideas). Also, be sure to include all of the materials  that you have consulted in writing your paper, even if you did not cite  them in the body of your paper. The Bible and course textbook can count  as additional references. In addition to the latter references, you need  to meet the outlined minimum for scholarly references. When in doubt,  go above and beyond as minimums will not necessarily equate to quality  and high evaluation marks.

3. Use current APA format in the construction of your entire paper including margins, spacing, and your references page.

Sentence Outline:

1. In the same Word document, but on separate pages, include an  outline of your research paper. Include as much detail as possible  without writing complete paragraphs. (This will help you as you  construct your final version.)

2. A cover sheet is required (current APA format). The outline format will be as follows:

1. item 1

1.1. sub-item

1.1.1. sub-item

2. item 2

3. etc.

This is a research paper broken down into parts. The first part was  the topic. This is the second part of the research paper (References  Page and Sentence Outline). And the final part of the search paper will  be the actual research paper.

The topic of this research paper is Database Security. You can find  the Topic document in the attachment for references. Also a References  Page and Sentence Outline that I turned in last year is attached. Use  this to go by. Also, check the professors comments to be sure to not  repeat same mistakes as last person that did this assignment!

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