Refer to page 123 of your textbook, questions 6 and

Refer to page 123 of your textbook, questions 6 and 7 under “Assignments and Practical Applications.” select one of the cases listed (list provided below as well) and provide a case brief in your own words.  (Refer back to chapter 1 for instructions on how to brief a case.)

1. Roberts v. Am. Employers Ins. Co.

2. Taran v. State

3. Ploof v. Putnam

4. Vincent v. Lake Erie Transp. Co.

5. Hackbart v. Cincinnati Bengals

6. Mohr v. Williams

7. Kirby v. Foster

8. Gillett v. Gillett

Select one of the case briefs posted by a classmate (try not to select the same case you briefed).  Now write a response to the following question:

1. Do you agree with the court’s decision and their application of defenses or remedies?  Why or why not? (Use appropriate terminology and concepts from the chapter or outside research to support your decision.)


Complete case brief using proper format. spelling, vocabulary, and grammar (word count minimum: 200)


Tort Law: Concepts and Applications, 2nd Edition, by Michaud, published by Pearson, ISBN 9780132973731

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