Process Map of Enhancement Request Business user creates enhancement request


Process Map of Enhancement Request

  1. Business user creates enhancement request
  2. Request is prioritized by Product owner
  3. Request is groomed by Business Analyst
  4. Request is assigned to sprint
  5. Developers work on enhancement 
  6. Testing team performs QA
  7. Business users will do testing in Sandbox area
  8. Once test is passed it is deployed to production
  9. Business users Verify developed enhancement in production

Referencing Tom Wujec’s TEDTalk (, choose a process at your organization(provide above) and create a process map. Explain why you choose that process, and what did you learn from process mapping it. What “unexpected truths” were revealed? How did Tom’s TEDTalk and ASQ 7 Basic Tools for Process Improvement article ( assist you in completing this exercise?

Should be 250-300 words. Your initial post must incorporate the concepts we are covering this week that relate to our discussion and at least 2 scholarly/peer reviewed APA citation with in-text citations incorporated into the body of the post. 

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