present an ethical or legal dilemma faced by a nurse. You will be evaluated on presentation style, content, preparation and use of appropriate teaching methods. Please follow the rubric for this power

present an ethical or legal dilemma faced by a nurse. You will be evaluated on presentation style, content, preparation and use of appropriate teaching methods. Please follow the rubric for this power point below. 

How to Solve present an ethical or legal dilemma faced by a nurse. You will be evaluated on presentation style, content, preparation and use of appropriate teaching methods. Please follow the rubric for this power Nursing Assignment Help


In the field of healthcare, nurses often find themselves confronted with various ethical and legal dilemmas. These challenges require critical thinking and effective decision-making to ensure patient safety and uphold professional standards. One such dilemma revolves around the issue of patient confidentiality and the balance between maintaining privacy and protecting the welfare of the patient. Let’s explore this ethical and legal dilemma faced by nurses and discuss potential solutions.

Ethical and Legal Dilemma: Patient Confidentiality

Patient confidentiality is a fundamental principle in healthcare, ensuring that patients can trust their healthcare providers with sensitive information without fear of it being disclosed without their consent. However, situations can arise where nurses face dilemmas in maintaining patient confidentiality while also ensuring the patient’s safety or well-being.

One example of this dilemma is when a nurse suspects that a patient may pose a threat to themselves or others. For instance, if a nurse notices signs of suicidal ideation or violent behavior in a patient, they may feel conflicted about whether to breach confidentiality and inform appropriate authorities. On one hand, they have a duty to protect the patient and prevent harm to others, but on the other hand, they must respect the patient’s autonomy and right to privacy.

Potential Solutions:

1. Ethical Decision-Making Frameworks: Nurses can utilize ethical decision-making frameworks such as the “Four Principles Approach” or the “Principlism approach” to guide their decision-making process. These frameworks consider relevant ethical principles (e.g., autonomy, beneficence, non-maleficence, and justice) and help nurses weigh the benefits and harms of breaching patient confidentiality in specific situations.

2. Seek Consultation: Nurses can consult with their colleagues, supervisors, or ethics committees to gain different perspectives and insights on the dilemma. This collaborative approach can provide valuable guidance and support in resolving the ethical and legal conflicts surrounding patient confidentiality.

3. Educate Patients about Limits of Confidentiality: Nurses can proactively discuss the limits of confidentiality with patients, emphasizing that certain situations may warrant disclosure of protected health information. This open conversation can help build trust and encourage patients to share concerns or potential risks voluntarily.

4. Document Decision-Making Process: Nurses should thoroughly document their decision-making process, including the factors considered, consultations sought, and the rationale behind their actions. This documentation serves as evidence of the nurse’s commitment to ethical practice and safeguards against potential legal implications.


Nurses often face complex ethical and legal dilemmas, particularly concerning patient confidentiality. Balancing patient privacy with the need to prevent harm or protect others can present significant challenges. By employing ethical decision-making frameworks, seeking consultation, educating patients, and documenting their decision-making process, nurses can navigate these dilemmas ethically and professionally. Ultimately, upholding patient confidentiality while ensuring patient safety and well-being should remain the primary focus for every nurse.

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