Please see the attached file in order to answer the

Please see the attached file in order to answer the questions below:

Q1: How were women affected by the Free Trade Policies?

At the beginning of the chapter on global changes by Grace Chang, she presents the third world and the free trade policies. Specifically how this law affected women and their way of living. The chapter stated that women were struggling for survival and deteriorated dramatically. ” Profound deterioration in the conditions of immigrant women workers worldwide as a direct result of Freee Trade policies, globalization, and privation.”What were some of the causes of these struggles for women? Did they ever improve throughout the chapter, and if so is there a remarkable moment when this happened?

Q2:  How is neoliberalism connection to class hierarchies?

In Grace Chang’s “Disposable Domestics” chapter 4, she discusses issues with structural adjustment programs and their effects on migrant women specifically. Neoliberalism is connected with class hierarchies in that it practices accumulation by dispossession, thus creating poverty and a suppression of labor struggles. Grace Chang goes further to explain that SAP’s such as the live-in caregiver program in Canada cause issues such as low wages for these workers, and difficulty leaving the jobs once they are hired.

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