Please respond to this post on how you agree with

Please respond to this post on how you agree with the post and please make it detail. 

Out of the six attributes and competencies that leaders are evaluated on I believe that the attribute of character is the most important for a leader to uphold and work on. Character is not only described as the Army Values, Empathy, Warrior Ethos, etc., but it can also be defined as the mental and moral qualities that are distinctive to an individual. Much like how CSM Hough said, the success of a leader is 60% character and 40%  technical expertise. Having the understanding and compassion is crucial for not only a leaders success but the unit and subordinates of that leader. Your character alone can be defining the standard that your subordinates are looking at and following. 

Throughout high school I played three sports and was able to see an array of leadership styles, capabilities, and techniques. One aspect that stuck out to me was how my basketball coach led our team throughout my 4 years of playing. Knowing that each year we lost key players and new ones had to step into those roles he had to morph his coaching style to better fit the needs of our team.  He humbled himself and understood his personality and how his intensity can be taken in different ways by the team. Rather than continuing to be intense he changed some of his coaching styles in order to succeed, but he never changed his overall standards and expectations. Character is not only holding standards and having strong morals, but also humbling yourself and knowing that your normal way of doing a task is not always the way that works. Because of his leadership our teams were not only successful but I learned valuable lessons on how to be a better leader myself.

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