Please provide a 100 word response to the below classmate

Please provide a 100 word response to the below classmate discussion post: 

This course is very important to all law enforcement officers. Learning about noble cause corruption, critical thinking, the corruption that exist among members are all eye opener. This course impacted my professional life in many ways such as; understanding my peers and how they will view me as their supervisor if I make unethical decisions, I am now able to identify noble cause corruption in it’s entirety. as I now know that some noble cause corruption became the norm and I was unable to identify same.

This course also impacted my daily decision making I am now more careful of what I say and do around the people I supervise because as a leader you must maintain a good role model, a professional image for self and the organization and strive to maintain the rule of law for all citizens in the form of upholding human rights.

The lessons thought in this course also impacted my personal life, if you make unethical decision in your personal life it can affect your relationship with your family and your relatives . In the life of policing your not only representing your self but your also representing your family and your relatives, and that imagine is very important in maintaining self respect, respect of others and a good role model for all. 

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