partnership working in heath and social care

TOPIC: partnership working in heath and social care

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1.) explain the philosophy of working in partnerships in health and social care.( demonstrate basic knowledge explaining the philosophy of working in partnership in health and social care, need to mention most of the partnership philosophies, considered variables such as independence, power sharing, empowerment and respect)

2.)explain how differences in working and polices affect collaborative.( demonstrated basic understanding , explain how differences in working practices and policies affect collaborative working)

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Partnership working in health and social care is a fundamental aspect of providing quality care to individuals who require support. As a medical professor, it is essential to provide students with knowledge of the philosophy of partnership working and how it can improve patient outcomes. In this assignment, we will explore the philosophy of partnership working and how differences in working practices and policies can affect collaborative working.


1) The philosophy of working in partnerships in health and social care is centered around the notion of collaboration and cooperation between different agencies, organizations, and individuals to achieve a common goal. The main aim of partnership working is to provide comprehensive care and deliver better health outcomes for patients. There are several partnership philosophies that healthcare professionals should be familiar with:

– Independence: Each partner should maintain a certain degree of independence in terms of their operations and decision-making processes. Each partner brings unique expertise, resources, and perspectives to the table, contributing to a more comprehensive and holistic care approach.

– Power sharing: Partnership working involves the distribution and sharing of power among different partners. This ensures that no single partner dominates the partnership and everyone has a say in decision-making.

– Empowerment: Partnership working should empower all partners to participate actively and contribute to shared objectives. Each partner should feel that their contribution is recognized and valued.

– Respect: Partners should treat each other with dignity and respect despite differing opinions, backgrounds, and cultures. This creates an environment of trust, collaboration, and mutual understanding.

2) Differences in working practices and policies can significantly affect collaborative working in health and social care partnerships. One of the key challenges of partnership working is that partners come from different sectors, organizations, and cultures, each having its own set of procedures, protocols, and policies. In order to overcome these challenges, healthcare professionals need to:

– Establish common goals and objectives to guide partnership working and ensure everyone is on the same page.

– Develop a shared understanding of each partner’s organizational culture, policies, and procedures.

– Create an effective communication plan that enables partners to share information, feedback, and ideas in a timely and effective manner.

– Encourage open-mindedness and flexibility to accommodate differing working practices and policies.

In conclusion, partnership working is an essential component of delivering quality care in health and social care settings. By understanding the philosophy of partnership working and the challenges that arise from differences in working practices and policies, healthcare professionals can collaborate effectively and provide improved outcomes for patients.

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