Nursing Benchmark Assignment

This assignment has 3 parts which are all interlinked. This is an individual assignment. Based on the feedback offered by the provider, identify the best approach for teaching. Prepare a presentation to accompany the teaching plan and present the information to your community. Select one of the following options for delivery of the presentation: (MAKE UP PROVIDER INFO AND CHOOSE COMMUNITY SETTING OF YOUR CHOICE)

  1. PowerPoint presentation – no more than 30 minutes OR
  2. Pamphlet presentation – 1 to 2 pages Appropriate community settings include:
    • Public health clinic
    • Community health center
    • Long-term care facility
    • Transitional care facility
    • Home health center
    • University/School health center
    • Church community
    • Adult/Child care center

    include the “Community Teaching Experience Form” as part of your assignment (SO FOR THIS PART CREATE A POWERPOINT OR PAMPHLET) SECOND PART OF ASSIGNMENT –This is an individual assignment. Applying what you have learned thus far, develop a community teaching proposal designed to address the needs of your community. (Makeup provider information as needed.)

Select one of the following as the focus for the teaching plan:

  1. Primary Prevention/Health Promotion
  2. Secondary Prevention/Screenings for a Vulnerable Population
  3. Bioterrorism/Disaster
  4. Environmental Issues

Complete the “Community Teaching Work Plan Proposal.”(ATTACHED) This will help you organize your plan and create an outline for the written assignment.

  1. After completing the teaching proposal, review the teaching plan with a community health and public health provider in your local community.
  2. Request feedback (strengths and opportunities for improvement) from the provider.
  3. Complete the “Community Teaching Experience” form.(ATTACHED) (SO FOR THIS PART YOU FILL OUT THE ATTACHED 2 FORMS) FINAL PART OF ASSIGNMENT – In 1,500-2,000 words, describe the teaching experience and discuss your observations. The written portion of this assignment should include:
    1. Summary of teaching plan
    2. Epidemiological rationale for topic
    3. Evaluation of teaching experience
    4. Community response to teaching
    5. Areas of strengths and areas of improvement

    Prepare this assignment according to the APA guidelines found in the APA Style Guide, located in the Student Success Center. An abstract is not required. (SO THIS PART IS THE ESSAY).

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Nursing Benchmark Assignment Nursing Assignment Help


This assignment requires the creation of a community teaching plan focused on addressing the needs of a particular community. The plan can be delivered through a PowerPoint presentation or a pamphlet presentation and should last no longer than 30 minutes. The second part of the assignment involves developing a community teaching proposal centered on one of the following topics: primary prevention/health promotion, secondary prevention/screenings for a vulnerable population, bioterrorism/disaster, or environmental issues. Finally, the third part of the assignment requires a written portion discussing the teaching experience and its various aspects.


For the first part of the assignment, it is essential to focus on the best approach for teaching that will effectively convey the necessary information to the chosen community. One should consider the audience demographics when choosing the teaching approach and tailor the message accordingly. Additionally, incorporating interactive elements into the presentation can help engage the audience and make the content more memorable.

For the second part, developing a community teaching proposal requires a systematic approach that takes into account the specific needs of the targeted community. Assessment of the community’s needs is crucial in identifying the focus of the teaching plan and designing the content appropriately. Collaboration with community health and public health providers can help to refine the teaching plan and ensure it meets the needs of the community.

Finally, in the third part of the assignment, a written portion discussing the teaching experience, and its various components requires careful attention. The epidemiological rationale for the chosen topic should be adequately explained, and an evaluation of the teaching experience should focus on areas of strengths and opportunities for improvement. The community’s response to the teaching plan should also be considered to determine the effectiveness of the plan and adjust it based on the feedback received.

In conclusion, this assignment provides an opportunity to create a community-oriented teaching plan that addresses a particular population’s needs. Developing and delivering an effective teaching plan is essential to impact the community positively. This assignment enables the student to improve their presentation skills, data analysis, and community participation.

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