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You are a new PMHNP working at a community mental health center. This health center sponsors educational dinners for mental health providers. Each presentation focuses on a different class of medications or medical conditions. The next presentation will be on the treatment of ADHD. You have been chosen to be a presenter and will present on one of the following medications:

  • If your LAST NAME starts with A through H: amphetamine sulfate (Evekeo)

For this assignment:

In this assignment, you will be submitting two items: a video and a reference page.

  1. Prepare a professional presentation that is between 4 to 6 minutes in length.
  2. Record a video in which you are addressing an audience of your colleagues. At a minimum, the presentation should include the following:
    • Basic medication information: Why the medication is unique, dosing guidelines, major interactions/ contraindications, common side effects/ unique side effects
    • Information about pricing/ insurance coverage
    • Example clinical scenario of when it would be appropriate to use the medication
  3. Use a minimum of two scholarly sources to gather information for the presentation. Make sure to create a refere

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As a medical professor responsible for creating assignments and providing guidance to medical college students, it is essential to design challenging and informative tasks that promote a deep understanding of various medical topics. In this particular assignment, students are tasked with preparing a professional presentation on the treatment of Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). Specifically, they are required to focus on one medication, amphetamine sulfate (Evekeo), and record a video presentation addressing an audience of colleagues. In addition to the video, students must also create a reference page and utilize at least two scholarly sources to support their presentation. This assignment aims to enhance the students’ knowledge about ADHD treatment options and medication specifics, as well as their skills in delivering engaging and informative presentations.

For this assignment, students are expected to prepare a professional presentation on the treatment of ADHD, with a specific focus on amphetamine sulfate (Evekeo). The presentation should be between 4 to 6 minutes in length and recorded as a video addressing an audience of colleagues. It should cover the following key points:

1. Basic medication information: The presentation should provide an overview of why amphetamine sulfate is considered unique among ADHD medications. Students should discuss its mechanism of action, pharmacokinetics, and pharmacodynamics in a concise manner. Furthermore, dosing guidelines should be explained, including the recommended initial dose, titration methods, and maximum daily dosage.

2. Major interactions/contraindications: Students should thoroughly research and present the major drug interactions associated with amphetamine sulfate. They should also highlight any specific contraindications or precautions that need to be considered when prescribing this medication. Emphasizing potential risks and potential conflicts with concomitant medications or medical conditions is essential.

3. Common side effects/unique side effects: The presentation should cover both the commonly observed side effects of amphetamine sulfate as well as any unique or rare side effects associated with the medication. Students should use their scholarly sources to highlight the most prevalent adverse effects reported in clinical studies, including but not limited to, gastrointestinal disturbances, insomnia, decreased appetite, and behavioral changes.

4. Information about pricing/insurance coverage: Students should analyze and present information on the pricing and insurance coverage of amphetamine sulfate. This includes discussing the availability of generic and brand-name versions, as well as any cost-saving options or patient assistance programs that might be available to ensure access to medication for patients with different insurance coverage or financial backgrounds.

5. Example clinical scenario: To provide a practical context for the use of amphetamine sulfate, students should present an example clinical scenario where this medication would be appropriate. The scenario should include relevant patient demographics, symptoms, and treatment goals, highlighting why amphetamine sulfate is the preferred choice in that particular case.

To support their presentation, students must utilize a minimum of two scholarly sources. These sources should be credible, peer-reviewed articles or textbooks that provide evidence-based information regarding the efficacy, safety, and appropriate use of amphetamine sulfate for the treatment of ADHD. Students should also create a reference page in APA format, citing their sources appropriately.

By completing this assignment, students will not only enhance their understanding of ADHD treatment and amphetamine sulfate but also develop valuable skills in creating professional presentations and effectively delivering information to their colleagues.

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