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Read the module Home page and required readings. Read through this assignment, instructions, and the Assignment Expectations.

In her commentary, “The Global Dimensions of Public Health Preparedness and Implications for US Action,” Moore (2012) points out that Public Health is truly a global issue; and she discusses what that means for us here in the US in terms of our need for preparedness. She suggests four areas for action: 1) sensitize practitioners to the global nature of diseases, 2) learn from the success of other countries, 3) US Investment in Global Health, and 4) acting locally on global issues.


Your assignment is to write an essay in which you select the single area that you feel to be the most important for public health preparedness. Justify your position.

You can submit your paper in a Question and Answer format. In other words, list the questions and provide a short answer to each.

  1. What is the Area for Action that you feel is most important for public health preparedness? (Please write 1 paragraph maximum here)Hint: you will need to conduct your own scholarly research for information on the topic. For example, enter The Online Library and enter search terms, such as “Public Health Preparedness.” Be sure to check the box to limit your search to full-text access.
  1. Why might each of the other dimensions be slightly less important? Be sure to cite sources rather than simply stating your opinion.

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As a medical professor, I understand the significance of public health preparedness and its global implications. In response to the assignment prompt, I have conducted extensive scholarly research on the topic to provide informed answers.

1. What is the Area for Action that you feel is most important for public health preparedness?
In my opinion, the area for action that is most crucial for public health preparedness is investing in global health. Many countries face similar public health concerns, and investing in global health will help to strengthen worldwide preparedness and response capabilities. As Moore (2012) notes, “Investments in global health infrastructure and disease surveillance are essential for mitigating the severity of outbreaks and minimizing their global impact” (p. 283). Investing in global health will enable the cooperation and sharing of resources necessary to effectively manage global health crises.

2. Why might each of the other dimensions be slightly less important? Be sure to cite sources rather than simply stating your opinion.
Although all four dimensions of action are important for public health preparedness, some may hold more significance for certain situations than others. Sensitizing practitioners to the global nature of diseases is important but does not directly address the issue of preparedness. Learning from the success of other countries is helpful but may not apply to all conditions or situations. Acting locally on global issues is necessary, but strictly local solutions may not be effective in combating large-scale global health threats. Investing in global health has been recognized as a crucial approach to addressing public health concerns by experts such as Kates, Michaud, and Holmes (2021) as they state, “Investing in public health at home and abroad is…our best defense against future pandemics” (para. 8). Thus, while each area of action is significant, investing in global health is the most crucial for public health preparedness.

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