Module 2.3 Discussion

  1. Select one of the theories described in Unit 2 (Chapters 6-12) and apply it to the developing comprehensive patterns of nursing care for young teenagers who are becoming first hand mothers. Consider all the issues they encounter as they prepare for the birth of their babies.

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The theory I have chosen to apply in developing comprehensive patterns of nursing care for young teenagers who are becoming first-time mothers is the Adaptation Model by Sister Callista Roy.

According to the Adaptation Model, individuals are viewed as adaptive systems who possess the ability to adapt to changes in their environment. In the case of young teenagers becoming first-time mothers, they are faced with significant changes in their physical, emotional, and social environments. They are transitioning from being teenagers to mothers, which requires them to adapt to the new roles, responsibilities, and challenges that come with motherhood.

To provide comprehensive nursing care for these young mothers, the Adaptation Model suggests that the nursing care provided should focus on the promotion of adaptation. This can be achieved through four adaptive modes: physiological-physical mode, self-concept mode, role function mode, and interdependence mode.

Firstly, in the physiological-physical mode, nursing care should be focused on providing physical care to the mother and baby. This includes monitoring the mother’s health status, ensuring proper nutrition, and providing necessary medication and treatments. Secondly, in the self-concept mode, nursing care should be aimed at helping the young mother to develop a positive self-image. This can be done by promoting self-care activities such as exercise and relaxation techniques.

Thirdly, in the role function mode, nursing care should be focused on enabling the young mother to adapt to her new role as a mother. This can be achieved by providing education on parenting skills, healthy child development, and family planning. Lastly, in the interdependence mode, nursing care should be aimed at helping the young mother to develop positive relationships and support networks.

Overall, the Adaptation Model provides a comprehensive framework for developing nursing care plans for young teenagers becoming first-time mothers. It recognizes the need for holistic care that addresses all aspects of the mother’s physical, emotional, and social well-being. By focusing on promoting adaptation, nursing care can help these young mothers navigate the challenges of motherhood and support them in achieving positive outcomes for themselves and their babies.

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