Summary The project will focus on implementing Discrete Event Simulation and Statistical Analysis to mimic the current Emergency Department (ED) system within NSW Health. This developed model will offer efficient use of resources and processes to improve the timeliness, safety and quality of emergency care. The proposed model will be a generic model, covering all sections within the ED, easy to use through a dashboard, Excel input sheets, a “caned” Excel analysis and implementation of “what if” scenario to achieve efficient use of available resources and processes to improve the timeliness, safety and quality of emergency care. Synopsis In collaboration with a NSW ED provider, the project will provide professional analysis of the ED system and suggest the required dynamic model to support strategic decision-making in providing an efficient health service, in the right time with the optimal amount of resources. The project will initially delivered a Continuum Model, that need to be verified by a field expertise from the nominated NSW ED provider, then the model development will proceed with dummy data hoping the real data to be provided by the nominated provider. The final stage of the project will includes the model execution, model verification (based on field expertise requirement of the accuracy level) and rapping up the project by providing both user manual and developer manual of the model. The training of model execution will be provided by a post-graduate student (under supervision) to the modelling staff at the nominated provider for a period of no more than 3 months. Any major changes to the model will require an establishment of a new project.


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