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Metabolism AssignmentAnswer the following questions and upload in to Canvas by November 7th.1. Suppose a cell is metabolizing glucose under aerobic condition but there is a smallproblem in the cell and the enzyme in reaction 8 of Kreb’s cycle is blocked. Answer thefollowing questions about this problem that has occurred in the cell. (35 points)A. Would reaction 8 still occur? Yes or NoB. Will glycolysis still operate? Yes or No. Explain.C. Will Kreb’s cycle still operate? Yes or No. Explain.D. Under aerobic conditions, would the blockage of reaction 8 affect total ATPproduction in the cell? Yes or No. Explain.E. Would this affect the total production of NADH and FADH2 under aerobicconditions? Yes or No. Explain.F. Would this affect the electron transport chain? Yes or No. ExplainG. How much ATP will be produced from this glucose molecule under aerobicconditions? How much ATP will be yielded from this molecule in prokaryotic andeukaryotic cells? Explain your answer. 

2. Using the ETC image on page 224 in your textbook answer the following questions:15pointsa. Will the electron transport chain be able to produce ATP if the first molecule isblocked under aerobic conditions? Yes or No. If no, explain why? If yes, how many ATPmolecule will be produced from the electron transport chain under aerobic conditions?b. Under anaerobic conditions can the electron transport chain still function? Yes or No.If yes, explain your answer and give the final electron acceptor. If no, explain youranswer as well and give the final electron acceptor.

3. Answer the following questions: 35 Pointsa. Where is the electron transport chain located in eukaryotic cells? Where is the ETClocated in prokaryotic cells?b. Which molecules will enter the electron transport chain?c. Using your answer is question b, how many of each molecule will enter the electronchain?d. Using your answer in questions b and c, how much energy is produced from each ofthese molecules in the electron transport chain?e. What is final electron acceptor in the electron transport chain?f. What is the function of the proton pumps found on the electron transport chain?g. What is the function of ATP synthase? 

4. Can prokaryotic and eukaryotic cells produce CO2 be produce under anaerobicconditions? Yes or No. Explain your answer. 15 points

 There were two different pages 224 so i took a picture of both just in case 

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