Mastering the Discussion Section of Your Nursing Capstone Project

A nursing capstone project is a crucial part of nursing education, as it allows students to apply their theoretical knowledge to real-world scenarios. One of the essential parts of the capstone project is the discussion section. It is the section where the student analyzes the results of their project, identifies key findings, discusses implications, and recommends future directions. This article will provide an in-depth understanding of the discussion section and how to write a comprehensive one.


The Purpose of the Discussion Section

The purpose of the discussion section is to interpret and explain the meaning of the results of the project. It is essential to discuss the primary goal of this section, which is to communicate the significance of the findings to the reader effectively. The goal is to help the reader understand the implications of the results and how the research contributes to nursing practice and education.

Identifying Key Findings

Identifying key findings is a critical part of the discussion section. To do so, the student needs to review and interpret the results of their project.


steps present key findings in a well-organized manner :

Interpreting Results

Interpreting the results of the project is an essential part of the discussion section. The student needs to explain the meaning of the results and how they contribute to the research question.

Steps for results explanation:

  • Discuss the significance of your results.
  •  Determine the significance of your findings in the context of the research question.
  •  Explain the limitations of your study and how they affect the interpretation of your results.


Discussing Implications and Recommendations

Discussing the implications and recommendations of the findings is crucial. The student needs to discuss the significance of their findings, how they contribute to nursing practice and education, and the implications of their results.

Students can make recommendations based on findings by following these steps:

Outlining Limitations and Future Research

Limitations and future research are crucial to cover in the discussion section. The student needs to identify the potential limitations of their study and suggest future research that can build on their findings.


We can outline limitations and future research by following these steps:



In summary, the discussion section of a nursing capstone project is crucial as it allows students to analyze the results of their project, identify key findings, and discuss implications and recommendations. In this article, we have covered the significant parts of the discussion section, including the purpose, identifying key findings, interpreting results, discussing implications, outlining limitations, and future research. By following these steps, students can write a comprehensive discussion section that effectively communicates the significance of their research.





Q.   What is the difference between the discussion section and the conclusion section?

The discussion section interprets and explains the meaning of the results, while the conclusion section is a summary of the paper’s main points.


Q.   What kind of information should be included in the discussion section?

The discussion section should include findings, interpretation of results, implications, and recommendations.


Q.    How do I determine what findings are important enough to include in the discussion section?

Findings that contribute significantly to research questions and nursing practice and education should be included in the discussion section.


Q.    What is the best structure or outline for the discussion section?

The best structure includes identifying key findings, interpreting results, discussing implications, and outlining limitations and future research.


Q.   How do I ensure that my discussion section is well written and easy to follow?

To ensure a well-written and easy-to-follow discussion section, follow the proper structure, use transitional words, and avoid jargon. It is also important to ensure that your findings are presented in an organized and easy-to-understand manner.


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