Letter to Legislator & Policy Brief

Purpose and Overview The purpose of this assignment is to apply knowledge of the health policy process to letter writing, policy research, and dissemination. Directions 1. Write a letter to your state legislator or a congressperson from your state regarding a national or state health policy. a. You may utilize web references provided in the text and/or professional groups such as the American Nurses Association (ANA). From the ANA home page, link to the State Government Affairs page and search current legislation.

b. To identify state legislators, access your state’s legislative home page.

c. To identify members of Congress, visit Congress.org and enter your home zip code. 2. Satisfy the following requirements in your assignment: a. The letter must express support for or opposition to a current piece of legislation.

i. The letter must request a specific appropriate action. Support your “ask” with at least two convincing reasons/rationales.

ii. Reasons or rationales must be supported explicitly by evidence.

b. The letter must indicate where the bill is in the legislative process and should demonstrate knowledge of the policy-making process. c. The letter should fit on one (1) page, using a standard letter format. d. Address the letter properly to your state legislator or member of Congress (see Step 1 above). e. Include with your assignment an additional one-page policy document (a brief) that summarizes your reason or rationale for support or opposition. Provide a concise overview of your rationale. Reasons/rationales should indicate the effect of the legislation on healthcare quality, safety, or outcomes. f. Within the brief, include at least two scholarly references, in APA format, that support your position. (Note: Scholarly references include journal articles and information from reputable websites and may include position papers from professional organizations.)

3. It is important to maintain a professional writing style when advocating with an official body, such as the legislature. A well-written letter presented in a professional manner is persuasive. For that reason, writing mechanics are weighted more heavily in this assignment than in the previous one. 

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