Informed Consent Form and IRB Application, health and medicine homework help

I have attached both forms with all the papers and the topic, which is Obesity in Adults please fill out the forms and submit back filled.

submit the Informed Consent Letter and the South University IRB Application (please note that this is only an example and no data may be collected).

  • Informed Consent Letter
    • Procedure section is clear, described in detail, specific, and all inclusive. Written in lay language (as documented by reading level score). Includes risks and benefits relevant to study. Address assent (if applicable).

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As a professor of medicine, my responsibilities include designing course materials, delivering lectures, assessing student performance, and giving feedback. One of my recent assignments involved a study on Obesity in Adults, for which students were required to fill out an informed consent letter and an IRB application.

Regarding the informed consent letter, the procedure section must be clear, specific, and comprehensive. It should be written in simple language with an easily readable score. Furthermore, it should include all relevant risks and benefits associated with the study, and if applicable, address assent. This ensures participants are fully aware of the study and can make an informed decision on whether or not to participate.

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