In order to develop an organized process that supports program develop

In order to develop an organized process that supports program development to resolve a health care administration issue or barrier, it is important to identify the resources, stakeholders, and outcomes. Use the “Logic Model Template” and create detailed inputs, outputs, and outcomes for your identified health care administration issue or barrier. Make sure to consider any legislation or regulation that governs your field or your programmatic development. You will use your logic model to develop your research paper.

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As a medical professor, it is important to prepare medical college students for the challenges they will face in the healthcare industry. One important aspect of their education is learning how to identify and resolve healthcare administration issues or barriers. In order to do this effectively, students must understand the process of program development, which involves identifying resources, stakeholders, and outcomes. The Logic Model Template can be a useful tool for helping students develop this process.


To develop an organized process for resolving a healthcare administration issue or barrier, it is important to use the Logic Model Template. This template breaks down the process into three components: inputs, outputs, and outcomes. Inputs refer to the resources needed to accomplish the goal, including staff, funding, and equipment. Outputs are the products or services generated by the program, while outcomes are the changes in knowledge, attitudes, or behaviors that result from the program.

When identifying resources for our healthcare administration issue, we must consider any legislation or regulation that governs our field or programmatic development. For example, if we are dealing with a patient privacy issue, we must consider HIPAA regulations. We must also identify stakeholders, such as patients, healthcare providers, and government agencies. Finally, we must define our desired outcomes, such as improved patient satisfaction or increased efficiency in the healthcare system.

By using the Logic Model Template, we can create a detailed plan for addressing healthcare administration issues or barriers. This plan can help us identify and allocate the necessary resources, track progress, and evaluate the effectiveness of our program.

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