Immunoglobulin A

Description 1. An overview of the protein molecule in terms of the evolutionary history, its presence in different organisms, the functional and/or structural role of the protein, the cells or tissues that express the protein in the organism, unique structural components of the molecule, its role in aspects of the metabolism of the organism, and its interaction with other molecules. 2. Discussions of the experimental findings of the reference papers, from at least two of the primary references. Provide a summary of the experimental findings from the primary research papers. A brief discussion of the hypothesis of the experiment, the techniques used to test the hypothesis, and the experimental results. 3. A summary discussion of the protein molecule, include features of primary through quaternary structure, co-factors, major evolutionary adaptations, and roles for mutated forms of the protein in diseases. Include a evaluation of the phylogenetic of the molecule . How many different organisms share the protein? When did it most likely first evolve? Is it a member of a larger protein family? Is it essential to specific cell functions? Double-spaced with a 12-pitch Times New Roman font . 1 inch margin


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