Imagery and Symbolism in “The Dead”

James Joyce’s The Dead and Its Critics • Imagery and Symbolism in The Dead

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To prepare your paper about The Dead, you must use the work itself (The Dead) and at least three (3) articles of legitimate literary criticism. These resources used in your research paper may come from any of these resources: 1. The Norton Critical Edition (2006) of Joyce’s Dubliners, edited by Margot Norris 2. The resources available online in Blackboard in the Research Paper Resources folder 3. Chapter(s) from book-length studies of The Dead, or about James Joyce 4. Scholarly articles published in legitimate literary journals. Relevant articles may be found using the CSM Library Search Databases at this URL: Caution: You may not count study guide websites, blogs, or term paper mills, such as SparkNotes, Cliffsnotes, Schmoop, Enotes, Gradesaver, Wikipedia,, and the like. While there’s nothing stopping you from seeking help in understanding the short story from any resource, you must nevertheless document any source from which you borrow a phrase (a string of 3 words or more), an idea, a paraphrase, or a summary. You must use the Modern Language Association format of in-text citations plus a corresponding Works Cited list for each citation. There is a limit to the total amount of direct quotation, paraphrase, or summary you can use. No more than 30% of what you write can come from someone else’s writing. You are responsible for writing the bulk of your research paper, so most of the sentences and words must be your original ideas.

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