I got the following feedback on this assignment and it

I got the following feedback on this assignment and it needs to be fixed in the next 4 hours. Kindly help FIX. It is needed in the 3 to 4 hours. PLEASE ONLY BID IF YOU CAN FIX IT WITHIN THE TIME FRAME


I started grading your assignment and have noticed some issues. If you want to re-submit by midnight, I will re-look at it.  Since I’m giving you feedback before submitting a grade, I will need to deduct some points. I’ve reached out to Dr. Robinson for input. But, I wanted to give you some time to make corrections based on my feedback

Some concerns:

1. There is evidence of copying/pasting directly from at least one article. There are also several situations in which information is directly quoted from the articles. All information needs to be in your own words to avoid plagiarism.

2. Articles 3 and 4 overlap on the matrix. I can’t read the end of your work on Article 3 and I can’t read the beginning of Article 4.

3. Be sure you understand why the researchers used each statistical test. I recommend reviewing the purpose of the study and what the intended outcomes are. Then, look at how the outcomes were measured.

4. The levels you’ve identified from the Johns Hopkins model do not correspond to the types of studies in the articles. Are you using Johns Hopkins or a different model?

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