I am Venezuelan. I lived 16 years in the comfort


I am Venezuelan. I lived 16 years in the comfort of being surrounded by family and childhood friends. I lived in a bubble were my only worry was to go to school and enjoy my afternoons. But life can change drastically. When faced with the decision to stay in a country where me and my family were victims of insecurity and human rights violations. Or, on the other hand, start from zero in a safe and reliable foreign country. I decided to leave.

Now, I am political refugee in the United States. 

I was only 16 when I first arrived to the U.S.A I was completely on my own with a few thousand dollars on my pocket that where just about enough to get going for a couple of months. I had to figure out: a new country, housing, a job, a lawyer, a new language, and school. And I did it, this experience was astronomically hardening. I grew as a strong person, I did not have time to party with friends, instead, I had to work to be able to afford emigration attorney fees and a good housing situation. In addition to that, I never let any of those barriers get in the way of me going to high school, and then college. 

That experience makes me uniquely resilient. I can adapt, I can overcome very difficult life circumstances. I am aware of my power to keep going. I have not given up, even in the darkest times. Having endure uncomfortable moments have make me appreciate and value life. No problem is ever big enough, and solutions are always available when we try our hardest to find them.  

That is my identity; the want and need to succeed and do better than yesterday. 

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