HU The Client Centeredness Forms Discussion

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This week’s topic focused on caring and reflective practice in contemporary nursing.

In your initial response, provide a definition of what person-centred care means to you.

Describe how you will apply principles holistic nursing, cultural humility, and self-

reflection in your future role as a nurse practitioner.

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HU The Client Centeredness Forms Discussion

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Person-centred care is a fundamental concept in healthcare that aims to provide care that is respectful, compassionate, and responsive to the individual needs and preferences of patients. It involves recognizing patients as unique individuals, understanding their values and beliefs, and collaborating with them to make informed decisions about their healthcare. In the context of nursing, person-centred care involves establishing a therapeutic relationship with the patient, considering their physical, emotional, social, and spiritual needs, and actively involving them in their own care.


To me, person-centred care means recognizing and respecting the inherent worth and dignity of each patient. It involves treating patients as individuals with unique values, beliefs, and preferences, and actively involving them in their healthcare decisions. Person-centred care requires empathetic listening, effective communication, and genuine concern for the patients’ well-being. It emphasizes the importance of cultural sensitivity, promoting autonomy, and fostering a trusting and therapeutic relationship between the healthcare provider and patient. In essence, person-centred care values the patient’s voice, experiences, and active participation in their own care.

In my future role as a nurse practitioner, I will apply principles of holistic nursing to ensure comprehensive and well-rounded care for my patients. Holistic nursing focuses on addressing the physical, emotional, social, and spiritual needs of individuals. By adopting a holistic approach, I will consider not only the patient’s medical condition but also their psychological well-being, social support systems, and spiritual beliefs. This will involve collaborating with interdisciplinary healthcare teams, utilizing complementary therapies, and promoting self-care practices such as stress management and lifestyle modifications.

Cultural humility is another principle I will uphold to provide culturally competent care. It involves acknowledging and respecting the diverse cultural backgrounds, beliefs, and values of patients. I will continuously strive to learn about different cultures, traditions, and health practices to provide culturally sensitive care. Cultural humility requires an open and non-judgmental attitude, active listening, and being receptive to the unique needs of each patient. It means treating patients as partners in their care and being willing to adapt and modify my approach based on their cultural preferences and beliefs.

Self-reflection will be an integral part of my nursing practice as a nurse practitioner. It involves critically examining my own beliefs, biases, and actions to continuously improve my patient care. Self-reflection allows for self-awareness and ensures that I am providing care without any personal biases that may impact the patient’s experience. It also helps in identifying areas for growth and professional development. By engaging in self-reflection, I can continually evaluate my communication and interpersonal skills, address any unconscious biases, and enhance my cultural competence. Incorporating regular self-reflection into my practice will enable me to provide more compassionate, patient-centered care while also fostering personal and professional growth as a nurse practitioner.

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