HPR 115 Medical Terminology Semester Project on Depression Paper

Semester Project: One of the objectives of the course is to ascertain knowledge of diseases and disorders which affect the major body systems. The semester project will give the student an opportunity to study and learn about a particular disease state. The semester project will link the vocabulary learned throughout the semester to real-life medicine. This assignment is due 11pm on May 7, 2023.

There are 3 components to the project:
Failure to turn in a component will result in a 50-point deduction for each missing component
Components of the Project [3]:
1. A written paper describing the disease.
2. An oral presentation.
3. A one-page original handout about the disease.
Grading Criteria for Semester Project:
1. A written paper describing the disease you have chosen. This paper should be no longer than 3 pages (unless necessary to
completely cover your topic). The main objective is to thoroughly cover the topic. It should be typewritten, size 12 point font. The written paper should include a bibliography. This and all written assignments should be in APA format. Please be aware that this
document will be run through Plagiarism software. Everything should be in your own words.
The following is an excellent website on APA formatting: http://owl.english.purdue.edu/owl/resource/560/01/
2. Oral Presentation. Each student will give a 10-15 minute presentation to the class about your selected disease. The presentation should stress how the disease presents, how it is diagnosed, what system and organs are affected, how it is treated, and a discussion about how the disease relates to this course. You must have a visual accompaniment. Included in this, you should have references for all of the material on the presentation. Acceptable forms of oral presentation include PowerPoint, Prezi, or video
file. Alternative forms can be submitted for approval on an as-needed basis.
The following are some excellent websites on adding narration:

3. A one-page original handout about the disease. The handout, along with the rest the assignment, should be submitted to Canvas by 11 pm on May 7, 2023.

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HPR 115 Medical Terminology Semester Project on Depression Paper

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The Semester Project is a comprehensive assignment that aims to assess students’ understanding of diseases and disorders affecting major body systems. It provides an opportunity for in-depth research and application of medical knowledge to real-life medicine. The project consists of three components: a written paper, an oral presentation, and a one-page handout. Failure to submit any of these components will result in a 50-point deduction per missing component. The grading criteria for the project are outlined to ensure thorough coverage of the selected disease topic, adherence to APA format, and effective oral presentation techniques.

The Semester Project serves as an integral part of the course, allowing students to delve into a specific disease state and demonstrate their understanding of its various aspects. The written paper component requires students to provide a detailed description of the chosen disease, ensuring that key information is effectively communicated within a maximum limit of three pages. The main aim is to thoroughly cover the disease topic while maintaining clarity and conciseness. The use of APA format, including a bibliography, is essential, and originality is highly valued. It is important to highlight that all written assignments will be examined using plagiarism software. Hence, students are advised to present the information in their own words, utilizing proper citation techniques when necessary.

The oral presentation component offers students the opportunity to showcase their knowledge by delivering a 10-15 minute presentation to the class. The focus should be on how the disease presents, its diagnosis, the affected body systems and organs, treatment methods, and its relevance to the course. The presentation should include visual aids, which can be in the form of PowerPoint, Prezi, or a video file. Narration is encouraged, and students can refer to recommended websites for guidance on adding narration to their presentations. Alternative forms of presentation can be discussed and approved on a case-by-case basis.

The final component of the project is a one-page original handout on the chosen disease. This handout should contain concise and informative material that can be easily understood and assimilated by readers. Students should submit the handout, along with the rest of the assignment, by the specified deadline on Canvas. The handout should complement the written paper and oral presentation, providing additional key points, facts, or diagrams that enhance understanding of the disease.

Overall, the Semester Project provides an opportunity for students to showcase their comprehensive knowledge, research skills, and ability to effectively communicate medical information. It encourages an in-depth understanding of diseases and their impact on the human body. Through this project, students can integrate theoretical knowledge with practical applications, fostering a deeper appreciation of the subject matter.

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