Hi dear,  Would you help me to finish this assignment with

Hi dear,

 Would you help me to finish this assignment with good quality and be on time please?

 You’ll find the attachment below .

 This writing assignment will give you a glimpse into the nature of American slavery.  Please provide well-developed and insightful answers to the following questions based on Frederick Douglass’ autobiography, Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass, An American Slave (1845).

Douglass’ wrenching autobiography serves as an invaluable primary account detailing the aspects, mechanisms, and evils of American slavery seen through the eyes of a man who lived and escaped from it. When answering these questions, don’t simply rephrase or regurgitate Douglass’s words, but utilize and express your own. (Do not cut & paste – answers cut & paste will receive “zero” points.) For some background on Douglass’ life, read about Douglass and abolitionism in your textbook.

Read the assignment questions carefully before you read the sources.  Read the sources carefully, taking notes as you read.  After a thorough and careful reading, answer the assignment questions with insight and clarity.  Answer each questions fully, paying attention to all parts of the questions. This is not an essay assignment.  You have specific questions to answer.  Please leave the questions on the assignment submission and place your responses directly after each question. 

Each question should be answered in 2-4 solid paragraphs. Use academic college level writing including evidence analysis and place in historical context.   To support your answers, provide specific details and examples with in-text citations from the materials. Responses received without in-text citations will receive a 5-point off the earned grade and may be considered plagiarized. 

Draw upon what you have read but also reflect upon the relevant historical material covered in class.  Answer the questions on the attached word document. Responses must include the questions & response should follow each question individually.

Refer to the course source materials and the textbook only. You do not need to do any research. Do not use outside sources (Internet, Websites etc.) Assignments with outside sources will receive zero points.

Writing Assign Frederick Douglas Online.docxPreview the document

Frederick Douglas American Slave Chapt 1-3 PDF.pdfPreview the document


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