help study for project I need someone to assist me

help study for project

I need someone to assist me with finding a cell

theirs an example of the cell I will draw it myself I just need you to label each organell

 at least 7 organelles/structures found in a typical animal cell

I need a photo of the cell and a sheet labeled with each organelle is 

  • A detailed key/legend that matches the model;
  • Each organelle or part with its basic function;
  • A disease or disorder that is associated with the malfunction of each cellular organelle/structure;
  • Reference website where you found information about the disease; 
    • References from government websites, academic institutions, or organizations that are recognized authorities on the subject (see my Cystic Fibrosis example) are recommended
    • Do not use websites, such as Wikipedia, WebMD, Healthline, forums, personal blogs, or popular magazines (i.e., Women’s Health, etc.) 
    • Recommended reference websites: 

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