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Recall the Interview Data Threads from the Week Four assignment where you posted the information from your interviews. Review the information for interview questions 1 & 13 from your assigned thread and from at least one other thread of your classmates.Do larger companies handle more records than smaller companies? How are the challenges different in large, medium, and small companies? Do the challenges vary according to the size of the company or the volume of records it handles?

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In the healthcare industry, record-keeping and management are crucial aspects that determine the quality of patient care and overall efficiency of healthcare providers. In this Capstone DQ, we will evaluate the challenges faced by healthcare organizations in handling patient records, particularly in large, medium, and small companies. We will also analyze whether the challenges faced by healthcare providers vary according to the size of the company or the volume of records it handles.


Larger companies generally handle more records than smaller companies, as they typically have a larger patient population and offer a wider range of services. However, the challenges faced by healthcare providers in managing patient records are equally complex and significant for companies of all sizes. The primary challenges in managing patient records for larger companies include data volume, comprehensiveness, standardization, security, and accessibility. In contrast, smaller companies may face challenges in maintaining an adequate level of staffing and training needed to manage patient records efficiently.

The challenges faced by healthcare providers do vary according to the size of the company or the volume of records it handles. However, the volume of records may not be the only factor determining the challenges faced by companies. Smaller companies may not encounter the same volume of data as larger companies, but they may face difficulties in maintaining a comprehensive and standardized record-keeping process. On the other hand, larger companies may require more resources and methods for securing data and providing easy access to it for authorized personnel. Ultimately, each healthcare provider’s specific challenges vary based on the organization’s unique characteristics, including size, patient population, and range of services offered.

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