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In the Topic 5 assignment, you discussed barriers that could cause a need to change your plan. Discuss why a change such as this could be essential to the success of your business plan. What would happen if you do not alter your plan when a barrier is presented? Is it possible to still be successful?

Managing Health Care Business Strategy

Moseley, G. B. (2017). Managing health care business strategy (2nd ed.). Jones & Bartlett. ISBN-13: 9781284081107

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In the field of healthcare, planning and strategizing are crucial for the success of any business venture. However, despite careful planning, various barriers may arise that can potentially impact the execution and achievement of set goals. This response will discuss why embracing change in response to barriers is essential to the success of a business plan in the healthcare industry. Additionally, the consequences of not altering the plan when faced with a barrier will be examined, and the possibility of still achieving success will be explored.


Change in a business plan is often necessitated by barriers that arise due to various external factors and internal limitations. In the healthcare industry, these barriers can be numerous and diverse, ranging from changes in government policies and regulations to shifts in technology, economic considerations, or market dynamics. The success of a business plan ultimately depends on adapting and responding effectively to these barriers.

One of the primary reasons why a change is essential when a barrier is encountered is because it allows businesses to remain flexible and responsive to the evolving healthcare landscape. By recognizing and addressing barriers promptly, healthcare organizations can adjust their strategies, operations, and resource allocation accordingly, ensuring that they stay aligned with the changing needs of the industry and their target audience. This adaptability enhances the chances of success and sustainability in the long run.

Failure to alter the plan when faced with a barrier can have severe consequences for the success of a healthcare business. Inflexibility in response to barriers can lead to missed opportunities, financial losses, decreased customer satisfaction, and diminished competitive advantage. For instance, if a business plan does not account for changes in government regulations, the organization may face legal challenges, penalties, or loss of accreditation. Similarly, not adapting to advancements in technology may result in decreased efficiency, outdated practices, and reduced patient outcomes.

Nevertheless, it is important to acknowledge that while adapting to barriers is crucial, it does not guarantee immediate success. There may be instances where despite encountering obstacles, businesses can still achieve success by effectively managing and mitigating the impact of the barriers. This could involve alternative strategies, resource reallocation, or innovative problem-solving approaches. However, such success may be limited and short-lived, and the risks associated with not altering the plan outweigh the potential benefits.

In conclusion, change is an essential aspect of healthcare business plans. Adapting to barriers encountered along the way allows organizations to remain responsive, competitive, and better positioned to achieve their goals. Failure to alter the plan in response to barriers can have detrimental effects on the success of a healthcare business, ranging from financial losses to diminished reputation. While it is possible to achieve limited success without altering the plan, the long-term sustainability and overall success of a business plan in the healthcare industry are greatly enhanced through embracing change.

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