GCU Advantages of Utilizing the Agile Methodology Discussion Response

please respond to the following discussion post as a peer making a comment:

“Project tracking is important since it makes it easy to identify any likely concern which would hinder project success. It also allows project team members to be at par with project goals and deadlines. Various approaches are used to track a project’s progress but are not limited to the following.

My approach to tracking a project will be to use the agile methodology. With Agile, a project is broken down into small manageable stages and allows room for consistent participation of stakeholders and constant advancement and repetition. This approach allows for speed and coordination (Ost, K., Blalock, C., Fagan, M., Sweeney, K. M., & Miller-Hoover, S. R. (2020). It assures a high-quality final product. It also guarantees suitable risk management. The agile methodology gives a platform where transparency and visibility are guaranteed; thus, nothing is hidden from any project stakeholder; what they see is what they get. It also ensures flexibility to change.

Issues to be on focus as a project manager and rational.

Is the project progressing on time? And has it been concluded on time?

Time is a deal breaker in any and every project. A project is successful when it is completed on time, and the reverse is true.

Is the project concluded according to or within the stipulated budget?

Finances are a very critical factor in a project’s success. If a project is completed without stretching finances beyond what was planned, then it is considered a success.

Does it offer the value it promised to give upon completion?

Every project has goals and objectives it sets out to achieve that are well outlined when initiating a project; when they are delivered as expected, the project succeeds.

Ost, K., Blalock, C., Fagan, M., Sweeney, K. M., & Miller-Hoover, S. R. (2020). Aligning Organizational Culture and Infrastructure to Support Evidence-Based Practice. Critical Care Nurse, 40(3), 59–63.

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As a peer, I appreciate your perspective on project tracking and your choice to use the agile methodology. It is indeed an effective approach for project management as it allows for breaking down the project into smaller stages and promoting consistent stakeholder involvement. The ability to continually advance and repeat tasks ensures progress and quality in the final product. Moreover, the agile methodology’s emphasis on transparency, visibility, and flexibility aligns well with the needs of successful project management.

Regarding the issues to focus on as a project manager, I agree with your points. Time management is crucial in project success, and ensuring that the project progresses and concludes within the designated timeframe is essential. Additionally, financial management is a critical aspect, and adhering to the stipulated budget demonstrates effective resource allocation and planning. Finally, delivering the value promised by the project upon completion is paramount, as it determines the overall success and impact of the project.

Overall, your approach to tracking a project and the considerations you highlighted as a project manager showcase a sound understanding of project management principles and a focus on key factors that contribute to project success. Well done!

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