Future Occupation

Paper details I-Search for My Future Occupation is an informal research paper in which you investigate a specific occupation or occupational field that you might consider pursuing. The final paper will be at least 1500 words (about five pages) and at the end of final’s week. You will begin with Part 1 by writing all of the following components in this order: • Engage the reader’s attention and interest; explain why learning more about this topic is personally important for you. • Explain what you already know before you start researching. What you already know includes anything you know about the occupation, but also what you know about your own aptitudes and interests. You will research how well matched you might be to a particular occupation; you need to write about both yourself and the occupation. • Let readers know what you want to learn and why. State your main question and the sub-questions that support it. In this case, the main research question is the following: What occupation should I pursue? Here are examples of possible sub-questions (you need to come up with your own): Do I have the necessary aptitude to succeed in this occupation? Will it pay enough to provide a lifestyle that is satisfying? What major should I declare and what courses will I need to take? How long and how expensive is the training period? Will I be able to find a job in the places where I might want to live? The world is changing fast. How will this affect my future occupation? Is this my destiny? Is this what I have been called to do by a higher power? Will it make me happy? These are just some suggestions. Please do not go down the list and repeat my questions. Find questions that are important to you and that apply to your chosen occupation. You can write this up as a paragraph or as bullet points.

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