For this case study, you will need to visit the

For this case study, you will need to visit the National Institute of Justice Programs and Practices website to select a program or practice that is rated as promising or as having no effects.

After selecting one program or practice, you should provide the information listed below.

1) Summarize the program/practice to include the following information:

         a) history,

         b) goals,

         c) population,

         d) activities,

         e) theory,

         f) personnel, and

         g) cost.

2) Include the evidence rating and the reason for the specific evidence rating.

3) Evaluate the program or practice to include at least two specific suggestions that could improve this program/practice in order to achieve an effective rating. For this portion, you will want to utilize at least three sources from an Online Library to support your suggestions. The articles must be peer-reviewed and be published within the past 5 years in a scholarly journal.

This completed case study must be at least five pages in length, not counting title page and reference page. The paper should follow APA guidelines to include citations, references, and appropriate headings and subheadings.

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