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Pecha Kucha is a presentation style in which 20 slides are shown for 20 seconds each (6 minutes and 40 seconds in total). For this course, students are required to develop a Pecha Kucha presentation based on the chosen theme and issue(s) discussed in their Final Project Product Proposal, providing images on each slide to support the narrative of the presentation.

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The Pecha Kucha presentation style is a unique and concise approach to delivering information and ideas. Students in this course are required to develop a Pecha Kucha presentation based on the chosen theme and issue(s) discussed in their Final Project Product Proposal. The presentation should consist of 20 slides, with each slide shown for 20 seconds, resulting in a total presentation time of 6 minutes and 40 seconds. The purpose of this format is to encourage students to deliver focused and impactful presentations.

To create an effective Pecha Kucha presentation, students should consider the following tips:

1. Start with a clear and compelling introduction: Begin the presentation by setting the context and engaging the audience. Clearly state the theme and issue(s) that will be discussed.

2. Use concise and visual slides: Each slide should contain an image that supports the narrative of the presentation. Avoid cluttering the slides with too much text. Use visuals to enhance understanding and capture the audience’s attention.

3. Practice timing: Since each slide is shown for only 20 seconds, it is crucial to practice the timing of the presentation. Students should rehearse their presentation multiple times to ensure they can deliver their message within the allocated time for each slide.

4. Maintain a cohesive narrative: It is important to have a well-structured presentation that flows smoothly from one slide to another. Each slide should build upon the previous one and contribute to the overall message.

5. Engage the audience: While the presentation format is strict, students should still aim to engage the audience. This can be done through effective storytelling, thoughtful pauses, and clear articulation. Encourage questions and interaction at the end of the presentation.

In conclusion, the Pecha Kucha presentation style is an innovative way for students to deliver focused and impactful presentations. By following the tips mentioned above, students can create a visually captivating and engaging presentation that effectively communicates their chosen theme and issue(s).

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