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Think back upon your first topic question in Unit 1 and the four assignments you completed in this course. What do you believe about the influences of theory on nursing practice? What value do you place on using a model for practice as an advanced practice registered nurse? How has your philosophy of advanced practice nursing changed over the last nine weeks?

unit 1 question was:What does nursing philosophy have to do with your practice and how you practice as an advanced practice nurse?

my answer :Caring is defined as a complex, and trans-cultural process, grounded in an ethical and spiritual context. Caring reflects a moral obligation or duty that lays the ethical framework for nursing. Active participation with others is needed to provide compassionate and ethical patient care in a healing environment. Quality care for patients requires reciprocity with those whom nurses can professionally identify with. I have had the opportunity to take care of people from diverse backgrounds. Throughout my career, I have learned the importance of providing holistic care to my patients. This type of care reflects my personal philosophy. Knowing that I can apply my personal experience and contribute to a client’s recovery and wellness gives me a sense of personal pride, which in turn, strengthens my commitment to this profession.

With the advance knowledge and skills and my philosophy of caring, coupled with health promotion, I will be able to provide emphatic and holistic care to a diverse group of patients in my role as Registered Nurse and provide to my patient a quality health care. Accountability, professionalism and compassion are the three key points to be a great nurse. Evidence based practice combining research, clinical knowledge, and patient preferences to reach a health care. The use of the highest quality information and deemphasizes the use of customs, opinions to make a clinical judgment. The goal of evidence based practice is provide care that is safe, effective and compassionate..

American Nurses Association. (2010a). Guide to the code of ethics for nurses: Interpretation and application. Silver Spring, MD: American Nurses Association. ISBN:978-1-55810-258-3
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The influences of theory on nursing practice are significant as theory provides a foundation for understanding the complexities of patient care and guides decision-making in clinical practice. Theories such as the nursing process, Maslow’s hierarchy of needs and Orem’s self-care deficit theory have helped to shape the nursing profession. These theories have contributed to the development of evidence-based practice, which incorporates research, clinical knowledge, and patient preferences to provide safe and effective patient care. As an advanced practice registered nurse, I place a high value on using a model for practice as it provides a framework for organizing my approach to patient care. Models such as the Chronic Care Model and the Institute for Healthcare Improvement’s Triple Aim have helped me to deliver high-quality care to my patients. My philosophy of advanced practice nursing has evolved over the last nine weeks, as I have gained a deeper understanding of the importance of evidence-based practice, health promotion, and patient-centered care.

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