Family health traditions part 2

Familial Health Traditions


1  Read and follow the directions on pages 160 and 161.

2  Conduct an interview with an older family member.

3  Summarize your findings regarding familial and social changes, and your ethnocultural and religious heritage. (Include one example)

4  Your paper should be:

•                     One (1) page

•                     Typed according to APA style for margins, formating and spacing standards 

▪                                       See NUR3045 – Library (located on left-side on menu) for tutorial Using APA Style

Typed into a Microsoft Word document, save the file, and then upload the file.

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As a medical professor, I understand the importance of understanding a patient’s cultural and familial background when providing medical care. Therefore, I have designed an assignment for medical college students to conduct an interview with an older family member to gain insight into their familial health traditions.


1. The instructions for this assignment require students to read pages 160 and 161 and conduct an interview with an older family member to examine familial health traditions. Through this assignment, students will gain an understanding of the influence that family tradition, culture, and religion can have on an individual’s health and well-being.

2. When conducting the interview, students should ask questions to gain insight into the familial and social changes that may have occurred over time. Additionally, it is important to examine the ethnocultural and religious heritage of the family member. For example, a family’s religious beliefs may heavily influence their healthcare decisions, such as their decision to use alternative medicine or not.

3. After conducting the interview, students should summarize their findings regarding familial and social changes and the influence of their ethnocultural and religious heritage. One example of this influence could be the belief that certain foods or herbs have healing properties, which may be passed down through generations.

4. This paper should be one page in length and typed according to the APA style guidelines for margins, formatting, and spacing. Students should also upload their completed paper to the designated platform for review and evaluation. This assignment will allow for a deeper understanding of the importance of considering familial and cultural background when providing medical care.

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