Developing a change project

Developing a Change Project

Expanding on your identified change project and the elements completed in the first three parts, devise an implementation plan that addresses the following points:

  • The change you wish to initiate
  • The rationale for the change, using supporting data
  • The outcomes desired from the change
  • The audience you need to convince
  • The benefits to the institution
  • Allocation of resources and potential budget requirements
  • The group to lead the initiative —why these members
  • The proposed timeline
  • Measures of success

*Note: you will not implement the change project for this competency.

All submissions must have a minimum of two scholarly references to support your work.

Examples of work to show mastery:

  • 9-10 page paper – APA format
  • 10-12 slide PowerPoint presentation – APA format

Expert Solution Preview


As a medical professor responsible for creating assignments for medical college students, I believe that developing a change project is an essential task for every medical college student. It helps to identify the critical issues and areas for change and devise a plan to address them adequately. In this regard, an implementation plan is necessary to ensure the change is implemented effectively. Therefore, I would answer the questions provided to assist students in developing an implementation plan for their change project.


The change I wish to initiate is the introduction of telemedicine in our college. Telemedicine involves the use of technology to provide medical services to patients at a distance. This practice will enable our college to deliver quality healthcare services to patients who cannot come to our hospital due to certain reasons such as distant locations, disabilities, or illness.

The rationale for this change is supported by data from previous studies that suggest that telemedicine can improve access to healthcare services, reduce healthcare costs, and enhance patient outcomes. The advantages of telemedicine are also evident in various countries worldwide, where the practice has been implemented successfully.

The desired outcomes from this change project include improved healthcare delivery, enhanced patient satisfaction, and increased efficiency of medical services. Telemedicine will also enable the college to expand its reach to more patients who would benefit from the services it provides.

The audience I need to convince are the college management, faculty members, and relevant stakeholders. I will use evidence-based data and case studies to show the benefits of telemedicine and convince them to support this project.

The benefits to the institution include increased revenue, improved community reputation, and enhanced service delivery. Telemedicine will also attract new patients who prefer getting medical services remotely.

The allocation of resources and potential budget requirements will depend on the complexity of the project. The project requires significant investment in technology and training of medical staff. Therefore, we should allocate sufficient resources and budget accordingly to ensure the project’s success.

The group to lead the initiative should comprise experts in telemedicine and medical professionals with experience in delivering healthcare services remotely. These members should also have excellent project management skills and the ability to collaborate effectively.

The proposed timeline for this project is three years. This timeline will enable us to carry out research into best practices, train medical staff on telemedicine technologies, acquire necessary equipment, and pilot the program. Further evaluations will then determine the suitability of the project for our college.

The measures of success for this project include increased patient satisfaction, the number of patients served remotely, improved patient outcomes, and a positive community reputation.


As a medical professor, encouraging students to develop change projects is crucial in preparing them for future roles as healthcare providers. Through the implementation plan, students can gain insights into the essential elements necessary to initiate a change project successfully.

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