Dealing with external pressures

Description The business environment is perceived to have an immense significance for global organizations and global supply chains, and having a correct strategy in place for dealing with external business environments can be the difference between business success and failure with significant consequences for stakeholders in both cases. In groups of 3 you are required to conduct a critical evaluation of strategic management principles using a maritime business of your choice. In your work you should discuss how the company of your choice has been responding to pressures from the external environment over the last 3-5 years. In your report critically discuss their chosen strategies, and based on the current market trends recommend areas for future improvement. Please note, if you want to write about big oil majors such Shell and BP, you can write about their shipping divisions, and not the company as a whole. Those organizations are exceptionally big and will require a lot more than 3500 words to critically discuss their strategies. Similarly with Maersk Group which consists of 16 different companies. If you want to write about Maersk – then write about a specific company i.e. Maersk Line, or APM Terminals, etc., but NOT about the group as a whole. This principle applies to the whole sector – be specific about which company/group segment you are analysing.

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